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Peg & Pole Tents

peg and pole tentPeg and Pole Tents For Sale.We are manufacturers of heavy duty peg and pole tents. Peg and pole tents are manufactured by heavy duty PVC coated fabrics in a variety of colors the most common will be white.

Stretch Tents

stretch tentsStretch tents for sale were introduced into the tent industry in South Africa.WE offer a uniquely different perspective  standard event tents to create a free-form tent structure

Classic Tents

classic tentClassic Tents For Sale | Elite Manufacturers South Africa The Classic Tent design is tremendously versatile from upmarket events, weddings, funerals, for hiring.get a free quote

Frame Tents

frame tents for saleframe tents for sale marquee for sale systems has developed into a preferred choice of marquee design with leading event hire companies in Southern Africa, Durban, JHB,Gauteng,Pretoria

Jumping Castles

jumping castles for saleJumping Castles For Sale operates in South Africa we are Jumping Castles Manufacturer understand the need for a safe, affordable and hassle free jumping castle experience.

Alpine Tents

alpine tent for saleAlpine tents for sale is more appealing and stable compared to the traditional peg & pole tents. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the brand new tents

Gazebo Tents

gazebos for saleGazebos for sale in SA at unbeatable prices, our freestanding gazebos are built with high quality materials that are meant to last through difficult weathers.

Inflatable Tents

inflatable tents for saleInflatable tents for sale that erect in seconds thanks to superlative out well innovative technology. Just plug the supplied pump into a single air input valve and fully pitch a smart

Star Tents

star tents for saleBuy Star tents for sale from the manufacturer to South Africa and Africa Pretoria, our tents has the dual purpose of providing both eye-catching branding as well as shelter.

Jasmin Tents

jasmin tents for saleThe Jasmin Tent is an alternative option to the standard Gazebo Type tents, offering a unique, futuristic look as well as a practical, functional design in Johannesburg

Bedouin Tents

stretch tentzBedouin Tents  For Sale by South Africa best stretch manufacturer Our Bedouin tents are 100 % waterproof Bedouin tents, with many being flame-retardant unique

Mobile Chillers

mobile freezersBuy Mobile chiller for sale to South Africa and Africa direct from the best mobile cold rooms manufacturer. We are the leading suppliers of mobile chillers in this industry.

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